Instagram just added a new feature that has people wondering "Who asked for this?"

Jul 12 2022, 7:17 pm

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past 24 hours, you may have noticed a new addition to your direct messages inbox.

At the top of your inbox, there’s a new feature called “Notes.”


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What is it for, you may ask?

Instagram users aren’t sure either.

According to Tech Crunch, the app (which is owned by Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook) has been playing around with the feature since June.

Notes allows Instagram users to post messages of up to 60 characters to their “Close Friends” or followers.


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The new feature was first discovered by marketer and social media expert Ahmed Ghanem, who tweeted screenshots of it in June.

Now that people have had a chance to experience this new addition, users are wondering “Who asked for this?”

As you can see, my mutual followers didn’t really know how to act.


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Many Instagrammers took to Twitter to express their confusion and hatred for the new feature.

Others compared it to Twitter.

“Instagram wants to be Twitter so bad tf is that new notes update,” one user tweeted.

For others, it brought back the nostalgia of MSN and Facebook statuses.

Some people enjoy it.

While others just want Instagram to bring back a feature that people actually want — viewing posts in chronological order.

What do you think about Instagram’s new Notes feature?

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