We spent $70 at the Illumination Summer Night Market and this is what we bought

Aug 16 2017, 11:07 am

It’s the season to hit up bustling markets.

And when it’s a night market, even better. That’s why the Illumination Summer Night Market in Richmond is a must-visit this summer.

The epic multicultural market is open every weekend from 7 pm until midnight so you don’t have to leave the beach early to get there. Once you’re there, you’ll find everything from Asian fusion foods, to pineapple drinks, twisty hurricane fires, and a wealth of useful gadgets.

You can go to the market with a small budget and be pleasantly surprised at what you can buy. Not to mention all of the Instagram selfie opportunities you can snap at the many light displays throughout the market.

Daily Hive visited the Illumination Summer Night Market with $70 and this is what we bought.

Lemon humidifier

Lemon humidifier/Daily Hive

  • Price: $32

Plug this mini humidifier into your laptop or smart TV and fill your space with zen. It can help your sinuses and your skin will breathe better during our hot summer days. As an added plus, you can even buy your own oils to add to the water and create a wonderful scented ambiance.

Bath bombs and body butter

Beth and Olivia products/Daily Hive

  • Price: Bath bombs $12 ($6 each)
  • Price: Body butter $11

Snap up handmade bath and body products by Vancouver-based company Beth and Olivia at the Illumination Summer Night Market. Choose from scented bath bombs like chai and jasmine green tea and enjoy the most refreshing infusions. Then lock in moisture after your bath with some neem tea tree body butter. Winning combination.

Dual USB charging cable

Dual charging cable/Daily Hive

  • Price: $10

It seems like almost everyone has an iPhone or Android device these days. And there’s no need to worry if your battery hits 5% when you have a dual USB charging cable in your bag. Chances are you’ll be able to help a friend out if they forget theirs too.

Graphic socks

Graphic socks/Daily Hive

  • Price: $5

If there’s ever a time to get creative with your ankle socks, it’s now. And luckily, you can snap up these cute logo socks for just $5 at the Illumination Summer Night Market. They might even make you smile when you take off your shoes.

Illumination Summer Night Market 2017

When: Weekends until September 10, 7 pm to 12 am
Where: Beside IKEA – 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way, where the Panda Market used to be)
Admission: $3

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