We spent $60 at the Illumination Summer Night Market and this is what we bought

Jun 20 2017, 3:45 am

Summer means open-air markets and one of the best is located in Richmond – the Illumination Summer Night Market.

Open every weekend from 7 pm until late, the multicultural market offers something for everyone including Asian fusion foods, sweet desserts, watermelon drinks, and tons of cool gadgets.

You’ll have lots of fun shopping here and you’ll likely score some bargain buys that you won’t find anywhere else. But don’t forget that you can also get tons of selfies at the many light displays throughout the market.

We went to the Illumination Summer Night Market with $60 and this is what we bought.

Fidget spinner

Fidget spinner/Daily Hive

  • Price: $8

Popular as ever, this fidget spinner is the ultimate toy that you want in your hand when you’re bored.

Selfie light

Selfie Light/Daily Hive

  • Price: $20

It’s tough to take high quality images at night because the darkness doesn’t exactly jive with your smartphone’s camera. But thanks to this handy light, you can take perfect selfies. It comes in blue and pink tones – simply clip it to the top of your smartphone then download its app that lets you change the light settings and more. Say cheese.


Sunglasses/Image: Daily Hive

  • Price: $15

You don’t have to limit your summer eyewear to just one pair of shades when you can get two for less than $20 at the Illumination Summer Night Market. Changing your shades to match your outfits has never been easier.

Graphic socks

Graphic socks/Daily Hive

  • Price: $5

You’ll always feel like wearing socks if you buy them at the Illumination Night Market since you can find ones that feature brilliant logos like Mario or a sneaky panda. These are definitely a must because you can rock these ankle socks with your sneakers this summer and show them off to your friends. And yes, the price is ‘pho’ real.

Bag accessory

Bag accessory/Daily Hive

Price: $12

Jazz up your bag with a cute furry accessory that you can simply clip on. It comes with a faux pearl design to add a touch of elegance. Because, well…why not?

Illumination Summer Night Market 2017

When: Weekends until September 10, 7 pm to 12 am
Where: Beside IKEA – 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way, where the Panda Market used to be)
Admission: $3

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