Ex-mayoral candidate Ian Campbell failed to disclose assault charge to Vision Vancouver

Sep 24 2018, 5:04 pm

Vision Vancouver has confirmed that former mayoral candidate, Chief Ian Campbell, failed to disclose an assault charge to the party.

Vision Vancouver representative Ange Valentini confirmed with Daily Hive that Campbell failed to inform the party about an assault charge. She said the party came to know about the charges on September 6. Valentini did not specify or go into any detail about the charge.

On September 10, Campbell suddenly announced that he would be withdrawing from the Vancouver mayoral race.

He did not specify why he was dropping out of the race, however, he said it was not a decision he’s “taken lightly.”

“With the deadline quickly approaching to formally enter the race, I’ve reflected on the political landscape and my complicated personal journey,” said Campbell in a statement.

“When I put all these pieces together, it seems clear that the best choice is for me to withdraw as candidate for Mayor of Vancouver. I want to thank my family and supporters for standing beside me throughout this entire journey and effort. ”

Following Campbell’s announcement to drop out of the race, Vision Vancouver confirmed it would not be running a mayoral candidate in this fall’s election.

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