Floating hot tub tours are coming to BC this summer

Jun 21 2019, 11:31 pm

A new company is looking to put a hot twist on boat rentals.

Hot Tub Boat Canada, self-proclaimed as Canada’s first hot tub boat rental company, is preparing for their grand opening.

The company will first launch in Victoria on Saturday, July 6.

Patrons can rent their boats for periods of 90 minutes and tour Victoria’s Upper Harbour and Gorge waterway with up to six people.

hot tub

Hot Tub Boat Canada/Facebook

The boats use a briquette-filled stove to keep the water warm.  They’re cleaned every trip and filled with new, chemical-free water, according to the company.

Change rooms, storage spaces, and two bottles of water are also provided to each passenger.

Life jackets are also provided to guests on the boat, although they’re not required to be worn during the cruise.

hot tub

Hot Tub Boat Tours/Facebook

Hot Tub Boat Canada says that a boating license isn’t needed, because the vessels are underpowered, undersized, and under capacity.

Passengers, however, will need to be above the age of 12 and the “captain” of the boat must be above the age of 19.

Alcohol also isn’t allowed on board, due to pre-existing boating laws.

To start, the tours will be available in Victoria. The company says on their website that they have plans to come to Vancouver and Kelowna before the end of the year, although it’s unspecified whether it’s a permanent or temporary visit.

Daily Hive has reached out to the company for more information…

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