Toronto Hooked fish market to hold "masked hours" for customers

Mar 23 2022, 2:36 pm

A local Toronto fish shop has added special “mask hours” following the lifting of mask requirements in retail shops, restaurants, and other establishments.

Hooked, known for its seafood cuisine and fish shop shared the announcement on its Instagram earlier this week stating that though masks will not be mandatory in its stores, they will hold “mask hours” for those not yet comfortable without masks.

“For the time being, the Hooked Team will remain masked. We are happy for you to choose whether to mask or not,” reads the post.


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“Letā€™s all do our best to respect other people’s comfort level.”

Masked hours will be offered to Hooked customers on Wednesdays and Saturdays right when the store opens for two hours.

The mask mandate was officially lifted on March 21 for retail settings, in restaurants, and in schools. They are still required on public transit though.

But as for Hooked, plan accordingly if zero mask-wearing is not for you. There are four locations, 888 Queen Street East, 206 Baldwin Street, 18 Ripley Avenue and 1246 Danforth Avenue.

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