Here's how to host an easy party this holiday season (VIDEO)

Nov 24 2017, 5:56 am

The first step to throwing an easy, stress-free holiday party this season?

Getting in touch with a professional to do the planning for you, obviously.

Enter The Lazy Gourmet, one of Vancouver’s first catering companies – they’ve been crushing the event planning and catering game since 1979. That’s a lot of Christmas seasons, people – 38 of ’em to be exact – so you can bet they have a plan to throw every kind of party and make it memorable.

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With an epic winter menu and streamlined event planning services, there’s no drawback to tapping into local legend’s services during this time of year.

Here’s how to dazzle three different kinds of holiday events this season.

Holiday House Party

Photo: JL Fuco Photography

Private parties are some of the best things ever – especially when they are hosted at home. This season open up the RSVP to the The Lazy Gourmet team, who will take the trouble out of hosting off your hands. The best part of this decision? You can pick a theme and have your space decked out as the perfect backdrop in no time.

As we know the holidays go beyond Christmas, there’s a plethora of design options for all kinds of holiday celebrations. Choose from chilly décor featuring silver, white, and ice-cold blue, and take this occasion to be extra and opt for faux snow, branches, and snowflakes – because the enchanted winter forest look is everything this season.

For food, host’s have the ability to create custom one-of-a-kind winter cocktails for parties, along with offerings like a full turkey dinner (with all the trimmings), and an all-white dessert bar so chic that even Kim K would include it at her party.

Unforgettable Office Party

A pho station is a unique way to offer up some eats (Photo: JL Fuco Photography)

Unforgettable and office party don’t usually go together – unless you’re living the movie Office Christmas Party IRL, and that’s pretty unlikely if your office has a HR rep on staff.

While it may not be a total rager, your holiday office party can still be one to remember. Make it Insta-worthy with beautiful candles, poinsettias, and festive ornaments to impress colleagues and clients alike.

Photo: JL Fuoco Photography

One can’t forget the critical importance of food at one of these shindigs, good thing you’ve got a carving station, holiday buffet, and drool-worthy canapés as options that will have your guests full and ready for dance-offs, Secret Santa, and whatever else your holiday party brings.

Seasonal Extravaganza

Smoked salted caramel beignets (Photo: JL Fuco Photography)

Big events, little details – that’s what The Lazy Gourmet does best.

If you’re like us, then when it comes to the holidays you know it’s best to go big or go home. Just like Halloween is the one time you can justify eating 10 mini candy bars in one sitting, Christmas is the time to take things over the top, meaning big, glitzy, holiday parties. If you agree and are looking to throw a large scale event, you’ve come to the right team.

Photo: JL Fuoco Photography

Whether it’s a charity event, a corporate over-100-people type of bash, or you need a turkey lunch spread for 400 people, the veteran caterer has relationships with some of the best event partners in Vancouver and they can help you with venue sourcing, décor, entertainment, and even marketing.

You won’t have to worry about setting the tables either, or organizing the bar for specialty cocktails, because the service team knows what’s up and wont let you down.

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