Health Canada recalling birth control pills over missing, mispackaged tablets

Jun 20 2021, 9:22 am

Health Canada is recalling a lot of prescription birth control pills due to missing and mispackaged tablets.

The health authority issued the recall for Linessa 21 on June 19. The pills have an expiry date of March 2023. Linessa 28 is not currently affected by the recall.

The recalled packages may be missing pills, some may contain more than one pill per blister pocket, and some may have pills in the wrong order.

Packages of Linessa 21 contain 21 coloured pills: seven are light yellow, seven are orange, and seven are red, with a different amount of hormone in each colour of pill.

The pills must be taken in the specific order laid out in the product instructions in order to prevent pregnancy.

According to Health Canada, missing a pill, taking one out of order, or taking two pills at once could lead to undesired pregnancy and other side effects, including irregular bleeding.

The health authority is advising anyone who has a package with missing or mispackaged pills to return it to a pharmacy for a replacement “as soon as possible.”

If you cannot get to a pharmacy, Health Canada says take the next light yellow, orange, or red pill in the order that you are due to take it, following the proper order of the pills.

Anyone who has already missed a pill, has no more pills of the proper colour, or is unsure of which pill to take should use a non-hormonal birth control method, such as condoms, and contact a pharmacist as soon as possible.

Improperly packaged Linessa 21 birth control pills / Health Canada

Properly packaged Linessa 21 birth control pills / Health Canada

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