This Commercial Drive oyster bar's menu is a seafood lover's dream

Jan 16 2020, 5:21 pm

When was the last time you saw things like lobster poutine, oyster po boys, and octopus frites on a menu?

If you’re a seafood fanatic like us, you’re going to freak out when you see whatĀ Harbour Oyster + Bar has on offer.

Think $1.50 oysters every day, a mouth-watering brunch menu, cocktails, twelve craft beers on tap, and Happy Hour from 11 am to 5 pm; we might have found our new go-to seafood place in town.

The Drive’s seafood hotspot opened just last summer, so if you haven’t managed to get yourself a seat at the bar yet, let us acquaint you with their mouth-watering menu. It’s shrimp-ly the best.

Aw, shucks

Oysters at Harbour Oyster + Bar/Facebook

Not to make all the other kinds of seafood out there feel insecure, but if you’re into oysters, you’ll know that there aren’t many things that compare to slurping a creamy Kusshi or a fresh Fanny Bay. Fresh oysters are delivered daily to Harbour Oyster + Bar and are shucked to order. Add some of Harbour’s fresh made-in-houseĀ condiments (think ponzu, jalapeƱo, and cocktail sauces)Ā and you’re set.

By the way, the oysters don’t stop at the fresh selection. You’ll also find them throughout the menu, in dishes like the oyster Rockefeller with bacon, shallots, Grana Padano cheese, and bread crumbs; beer-battered fried oysters that come with corn tomato salsa and chimichurri mayo; and oyster po’ boys ā€” fried oysters with a celeriac remoulade in a brioche bun. Don’t be shellfish ā€” share some around.

And just when you thought oysters and burgers would never be friends, there’s another super unique menu item you should hold out for. TheĀ Holy Ship Burger comes with four beef patties and those fried oysters we can’t get enough of, stacked high with onion rings. Drool.

So-fish-ticated sides

Grilled octopus frites from Harbour Oyster + Bar/Facebook

Now that you’ve had your fair share of oysters (can you really ever have enough oysters though?), make sure you leave some room for some of the other incredible dishes Harbour has to offer.

A tip of the hat goes to the lobster poutine, drenched in cheesy bĆ©chamel, jalapeƱos, and corn, while the peel n’ eat prawns are possibly the most addicting snack in the joint.

We would like to personally thank whoever came up with adding octopus frites to the menu. Perfectly grilled octopus, a slice of lemon, and some crispy fries? So simple. But so good.

Brunch, brunch, brunch

Shrimp Toast from Harbour Oyster + Bar’s brunch menu/Facebook

Now that you’re sufficiently stuffed, you’re probably planning your next visit. Which is a good thing because you can come back and do it all again as soon as possible, but this time with the restaurant’s killer brunch menu.

You’ll find more inventive seafood dishes like shrimp toast, and fried oysters and waffles (if you like seafood for breakfast, you’ve officially met your new favourite brunch spot).

And if you’re bringing along a guest who’s slightly less enthusiastic about seafood than you (blasphemy), you’ll also find things like a French omelet and a steak breakfast sandwich with steak, egg, tomato, and jalapeno aioli on sourdough on the menu.

Inside Harbour Oyster + Bar/Facebook

If you’re looking for some ambience with your prawn cocktail, the new cozy seafood restaurant has a rustic seaside decor, a relaxed vibe with pull-up bar stools, and floor-to-ceiling windows so you can people-watch on Commercial Drive. Do we kind of feel like we’re at a beach shack near the ocean when we sit here? Yes, we do.

We know what you’re thinking. Holy shrimp, this scampi happening. But all this seafood magic can be experienced at Commercial Drive’sĀ Harbour Oyster + Bar.

Pull up a seat for brunch, the daily Happy Hour from 5 pm to 9 pm, or make a night of it with cocktails, craft beers, and some of the city’s most inventive seafood dishes! The menu is literally your oyster, after all.

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