The Rickshaw Theatre is hosting a Halloween wrestling show this week

Sep 30 2019, 11:58 pm

Attention all Vancouver wrestling fans, Halloween season starts this Friday at the Rickshaw Theatre as the Horror on Hastings extravaganza returns for the second year in a row. This show is quickly becoming a staple seasonal event for not just wrestling fans, but for anyone who enjoys performance art… even if that art involves a few chair shots or two.

First, for the wrestling fans, you will recognize a lot of these names that are scheduled to appear:

  • Bestia 666, a multi generational wrestler and star of Crash Luchas (Mexico’s most exciting show)
  • MechaWolf, a former WWE star (He is wrestling for the first time in Vancouver)
  • Calamity Kate from the Lost Girls
  • Ravenous Randy Myers, a man known for his extravagant entrances who now has the backdrop of Halloween to do his thing
  • Judas Icarus, Travis Williams, and Beef Boy, three of the hottest up-and-coming talents in the Pacific Northwest
  • Nicole Matthews and Bishop, two legends that have been entertaining fans for years
  • There is also going to be a special appearance by the Bullet Club member himself, a man who needs no introduction to wrestling fans in BC, El Phantasmo

Those are just a few of the names that have been confirmed for the show, but as with the Horror on Hastings show, there are always surprises around every corner. You honestly never know who might show up at this thing, but if you’re a local wrestling fan, you’ll have a lot to enjoy.

And if you’re not a wrestling fan, you will enjoy it for the atmosphere and pageantry, because there is honestly no other show quite like this in the market. Each match has a Halloween story theme, and you get to see that played out in front of you. At the first Horror on Hastings they had Jason take on two campers settling in for the night in a tent. Another match had a variety of people in Scream masks come out to try and “murder” the damsel in distress. There was also a match based around the movie The Purge, and one around the Army of Darkness.

It’s basically a great chance to see some of your favourite wrestlers thrown into some pretty weird scenarios in front of a pretty raucous crowd. It will definitely be one of the craziest Halloween parties you will attend this year.

If you would like to buy tickets to the event you can purchase them online (there will also be limited tickets available at the door).

And don’t forget, the wrestlers aren’t the only ones dressing up for the night. The event encourages you to wear your own Halloween costume and there will even be prizes handed out for the best dressed!

The Horror on Hastings II – A Rickshaw Wrestling Presentation

What: Live Halloween-themed wrestling show
When: Friday, October 4, 2019
Time: 8 pm
Where: Rickshaw Theatre – 254 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tickets: $25-$45, available online

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