8 Halloween costumes that are perfect to wear in the rain

Oct 30 2018, 6:27 pm

Still looking for a last-minute Halloween costume? Or, perhaps, your brilliant costume idea is potentially ruined because of rain in the forecast.

If so, never fear, as we’ve compiled a list of Halloween costumes that are perfect for a rainy October night.

From iconic movie characters to the latest video game avatars, here are eight Halloween costumes that are perfect for keeping you dry and well-dressed.

And don’t feel bad for bringing along an umbrella, it’s all part of the costume!

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Jiminy Cricket


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Pinocchio should’ve listened to you, Jiminy, and why not when you’re dressed this sharply? Channel your inner gentleman (or gentlewoman) with this ensemble and gather some khaki pants, a white button-up shirt (with the collar popped up), a long black blazer, and a blue top hat.

Top it off with an umbrella and you’re all set.

Paddington Bear


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Paddington Bear is always ready for poor weather, and with his costume, you can be too. A long blue coat, a red rain hat, and red rain boots are essential for this outfit.

For extra points, find a brown suitcase and attach a note saying “Please look after this bear. Thank you,” to your jacket.

Willy Wonka


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What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than by dressing up like the king of candy himself?

The basics outfit requires a knee-length purple or burgundy blazer on top of a white button-up and brown khakis, paired with a brown or black top hat. The majority of the movie often shows Willy Wonka with a walking stick, which can easily be subbed for – you guessed it – an umbrella.

Christopher Robin


Christopher Robin/Disney Movies

There are two ways to dress as Christopher Robin this Halloween, both equally simple. The first option, based off of the recently released Disney movie, includes a long blue trench coat and fedora overtop of a two-piece suit.

The second option, following the route of the original cartoon, calls for a yellow raincoat and rain hat, black boots, and both outfits can be capped off with an umbrella. Extra points if you bring along Pooh Bear or a red balloon.

Mary Poppins


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Channel your inner nanny with this little-to-no-effort costume. Variations of the costume include a royal blue blazer and skirt, although the same look can be attained with a black skirt, a white button-up, a red bow tie, and a black umbrella.

The Penguin (Batman)


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Known as one of Batman’s most formidable enemies (second to the Joker, of course), The Penguin ensemble can be done with a monocle, top hat, tuxedo, and an umbrella. For bonus points, stuff your belly with a pillow or extra bed sheets, The Penguin is notorious for having a generous beer belly.

Princess Peach


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Rule the Mushroom Kingdom and find your Super Mario, all while staying dry. A long pink dress (the fluffier the better!), long white gloves, and a crown are the essentials of this outfit.

To top it off, dust off your largest pink or yellow umbrella – just don’t get kidnapped by Bowser!

A Fortnite avatar


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Welcome to one of the most versatile Halloween costumes of 2018.

Like the video game, there are a number of ways to dress up your character, whether it’s the use of camouflage colours and cargo pants, a skeleton outfit, or a dinosaur onesie. Top it off with your glider, aka your umbrella, and you’ll be the talk of the town – or at least, the talk amongst 12-year-old gamers.

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