Coyote? Dr. Henry? Halloween costumes that scream "Vancouver"

Oct 6 2021, 8:05 pm

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Forget the witches, ghosts or goblins this year.

If you’re looking for something a little more topical for your Halloween costume, we have you covered.

Why not put your spin on a costume that screams Vancouver?

Here’s a roundup of our most topical Halloween costumes of the year.

Stanley Park Coyote

coyote stanley park

Josef Pittner/Shutterstock

They’ve been making news for months, so why not become one of the infamous Stanley Park Coyotes? If you have a darker sense of humour, you could even become a coyote attack victim.

Dr. Bonnie Henry

bonnie henry fluevog

BC Gov/Flickr/Fluevog

She’s become a household. As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, you can emulate one of the most well-known doctors in the province. Grab Dr. Henry’s signature Fluevogs or any pink shoes from your closet or thrift store, and don’t forget the chunky necklace!

Nude Vodka Soda

Peach/Nude Vodka Soda

Let’s be honest — a lot of us have been drinking these Vancouver-based bevies as we close our laptops for the day. Grab some cardboard and paint and become the unofficial pandemic drink for millennials!

Penthouse Nightclub Marquee

penthouse strip club vancouver


Feeling witty? Why not make yourself into one of the most clever signs in downtown Vancouver? 


rain halloween costume

Nothing sums up Vancouver more than wet weather. You could throw on a gray outfit, maybe some ribbon or beads, and turn yourself into the rain.

Seth Rogen/Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds Seth Rogen/Twitter

Pay homage to two of the city’s most popular success stories. Dress up as one — or both. Maybe a mix of Deadpool and Dale Denton from Pineapple Express?

Work From Home

work from home


Business on the top, sweats on the bottom. Many of us have been working from home for a while. And most people have probably paired our comfiest sweatpants with a dress shirt or blouse.

Sushi Roll

sushi costumes

Vancouver is filled with delicious sushi restaurants. And a lot of us have probably had our fair share of California rolls, BC rolls, and tuna sashimi. This year, do more than eat sushi; become sushi! You could get the whole family involved in this one.

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