Feds investing $32 million to research sexually transmitted infections

Jul 19 2019, 5:22 am

The Government of Canada has just announced that it is investing $32 million towards researching sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI).

A release from the federal government early Thursday morning laid out the plan to create six teams tasked with researching biomedical and clinical HIV/AIDS, as well as an additional three centres who’s focus will be on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other STBBI population health research.

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According to the release, the rates of STIs in Canada have seen a serious increase over the past 10 years, with chlamydia cases going up by 49%, gonorrhea by 81%, and syphilis by 178%.

“We believe that investing in research is one of the best ways to build a healthier population and reduce stigma, which is a persistent health barrier and concern for people living with STBBI,” said Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

“Thank you to today’s grant recipients for their important work aimed at providing quality and effective STBBI prevention approaches, care, services, and treatment. All Canadians should be grateful for the scientific knowledge and methods you are creating and the lives you are saving.”

A full $19.9 million of the funding will be put towards developing strategies, treatment, and care improvements for those affected by STBBIs, while another $12.5 million will be used over the next five years to support Centres for HIV/AIDS Population Health and Health Services Research.

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