Take a sneak peek inside the busy holiday showroom at Indochino

Dec 18 2019, 9:13 am

The holiday season is arguably the most exciting time of the year for retailers as shoppers get ready for holiday gift-giving and a full calendar of social events. You could even call it the Kentucky Derby of the retail world.

Behind-the-scenes, brands have spent months preparing in order to achieve a smooth and successful holiday period. The world’s largest made-to-measure apparel brand, Indochino, has been honing its strategy over the past few years and the results are impressive. The company’s revenue has grown by 383% over the past five years.

“Planning for the holiday season begins in the summer, always kicked off by a recap of what we’ve learned as a team from last year’s Black Friday—Cyber Monday campaign,” explains Kirtarath Dhillon, Indochino’s marketing manager. “These insights are leveraged by all teams, including product selection and media, with strategies tailored to our various customer audiences.”

TD Centre Showroom/Indochino

It’s important to remember that Indochino has transformed from an online Canadian startup without any brick and mortar locations to an international brand with over 50 showrooms in North America.

“As an increasing amount of our business is now transacted in showrooms, this means it’s critical to have a complete understanding of our customers’ omnichannel journey with Indochino,” says Dhillon.

“During the last holiday season, we saw a noticeable spike in what we call ‘walk-in” traffic’ — more decisive customers making in-store purchases in the spur of the moment.”

This came as a surprise because Indochino’s typical customer is generally well-researched, often booking a showroom appointment far in advance. Indochino also noticed that, while the year-round customer is usually looking to make a purchase for themselves, during the holiday season, this shifts as the customer wants to share their experience with friends and family.

So, how are they using this to their advantage in 2019? Indochino decided to cater to impulse buying, building a plan around a digital strategy that prompts more in-store purchases.

The brand utilizes radius targeting so that shoppers can see what the store offers when they are within close proximity. Additionally, Indochino is more intentional about gift cards, allowing the recipient to create a product that is personalized by and made just for them.

TD Centre Showroom/Indochino

These efforts are powered by the right people and the right technology. Digital tools such as Google Ads offer a wide range of tools for retail and e-commerce to help Indochino meet their customer at all the right points in their purchase journey. Dhillon cites Google’s reporting capabilities and data-driven optimization options as a major asset in helping them progress and grow.

“We’re data-driven — it’s one of Indochino’s core values,” says Dhillon. “We favour channels like Google Ads because it offers complete measurement transparency and this has been key to our continued, efficient growth.”

Metrotown Showroom/Indochino

In the lead up to the holidays, Indochino is offering hundreds of deals across most of its product categories, with custom suits from $389. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of buying a suit from the brand — it’s a unique experience. You choose how you want every single element of your suit to look, from the fit, to the colour, fabrics, and style.

Make the most of these offers while they are around and shop online at Indochino or visit your nearest showroom.

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