7 creative gifts ideas for those who are always on the move

Dec 16 2021, 10:43 pm

Each year, there’s that one person on your list who’s constantly on the move. And since they’re never home to use say an air fryer, how are you supposed to know where to even start with their gift? 

The person who comes to mind is probably active in their work and personal life — whether it’s escaping into the alpines every chance they get or constantly going into school or the office.

From items as simple as a travel mug to keep their coffee warm or a more extravagant HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro, we’ve rounded up some of the top gifts for those on the go, so a piece of you will always be with them while on the move. 

1. Collapsible Tupperware

Now, this may seem like a kind of lame gift at first — but we swear by it. For someone who goes into work or class, likes to do road trips, day hikes, or just leaves the house at all really, this is an awesome present. 

Not only is reusable Tupperware environmentally friendly, but it’s super practical. Once you’ve finished lunch, just compress it and it takes up way less space in your bag on the way home. A seemingly mundane thing quickly becomes your favourite Tupperware and a can’t live without item.

2. A good water bottle

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We all know someone who has a water bottle that’s like a child to them, so this may seem like an obvious suggestion. However, even the person on your list already has one, chances are it’s overused, a little beat up, or in need of more frequent washes. This is where the addition of a new bottle comes in.

With so many stylish water bottles on the market, this gift is a safe bet that you can have fun picking out, too. 

3. A smartwatch


This has got to be the biggest must for someone always on the go. Whether it’s with work, loved ones, or personal health and fitness, a smartwatch — like the newest from HUAWEI, the WATCH 3 Pro — makes it easy to stay connected.

What makes it perfect for those who never seem to stop is its insane battery life. With the ultra-long battery life mode, the watch can stay powered for 21 days (and seven days with typical use) — without being plugged in (anyone else always forget to charge their electronics?). They’ll never have to go without Bluetooth calling or music playback. The watch also allows users to download third-party apps from the HUAWEI AppGallery and has a rotating crown and checkboard display.

Oh, and did we mention there’s an all-day fitness assistant for health-conscious users? Using smart data to support health and fitness journeys, the HUAWEI Health App helps people stay on their goals. With a 48mm screen with sapphire glass, this watch makes the professional workout data extra easy to read.

Whether your active friends or family members are at the gym or out for a work dinner, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro offers various bands — like durable titanium — and face styles to download from the Watch Face Store — who doesn’t love a versatile item?

4. Portable charger


Not only is having your phone hit 0% inconvenient, but it can be borderline day-ruining for someone trying to work, stay fit, and have a personal life.

With a portable charger, the gift recipient can say goodbye to the horrible feeling of being disconnected, no matter where they are.

5. Compactable umbrella

As much as we’re all hoping we’ve seen the last of these atmospheric rivers, Vancouver is, regardless, one of the wettest cities in Canada (it’s called Raincouver for a reason).

A good raincoat with a hood simply isn’t enough on those torrential downpour days. An umbrella that compacts into a purse or backpack-friendly size is the perfect gift that says, “Stay dry, friend.”

6. Earphones

Whether your gift recipient seems like more of an earbud or wireless headphones kind of person is up to you, but no one can deny the necessity of earphones these days.

You know that person watching TikToks on full volume for everyone to hear — yea, let’s make sure your friend is not that person. 

7. Travel mug


Who would be capable of always being on the go without coffee? An insulated, leak-proof travel mug that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold is something anyone who goes anywhere needs. 

Again, there are so many great options for these on the market, so pick the style that best suits your friend or family member, and cross another person off your list — the best feeling in our opinion.

Check out huawei.com to learn more about why those on your list who are always on the go will benefit from the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro.

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