11 types of friends everyone meets in Vancouver

Jul 7 2023, 9:00 pm

Whether you’re new to the city and wondering who you’ll meet or you’ve lived here your whole life and see yourself on this list, we hope it brings some clarity about the Vancouver experience.

Here are all the Vancouverite stereotypes you’ll meet across the city:

The film industry insider



Whether they’re an uncredited extra auditioning full-time or a recent graduate from Vancouver Film School, this friend with film industry connections loves living in Hollywood North and always has the hot gossip about what was filmed where and who was less than polite on set.

The diehard Canucks fan


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Their life revolves around screaming at the latest Canucks coach and being mopey about not making the playoffs. Can be heard whispering, “2011, so close” in their sleep.

The hardcore cyclist/bike advocate


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This friend doesn’t just love to bike. They hate cars. They hate car-centric infrastructure and actively participate in critical mass, naked bike rides, and their favourite hobby is telling off drivers who are going too fast on a bike path.

The outdoorsy one


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It’s hard to meet up with this friend since every weekend is a new hike or camping trip for them. They’ve hiked the Grind and the Chief more than anyone you know and are always hassling you to “go on an adventure,” whatever that means.

The allergy sufferer



Every time you ask this friend how they are, they’re griping about their allergies. How is it always allergy season for this person? This year is always the worst year for allergies, too. Bring the Claritin when you make plans with them!

The naive transplant



This person just arrived from Toronto or somewhere and can’t believe how beautiful Vancouver is. They’re definitely going to live here forever. They rented an apartment for $3,000 a month and fell in love with the city in the spring/summer. They still haven’t survived their first Vancouver winter of eternal rain and darkness. Hold this person close and let their enthusiasm rub off on you while it lasts!

The fitness-obsessed


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When you say “brunch,” this friend hears “Body Energy Club.” It’s hard to find the time to spend with them outside of the gym because they’re either working out, cooking a meal at home while they count their macros, or getting a good night’s sleep for muscle recovery.

The happy hour devotee

happy hour

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This friend understands that life in Vancouver isn’t cheap, so they’ve made it their life’s mission to find the best happy hour deals in the city. Plus, they have already memorized the menu ahead of time and can be trusted to order for the group. Leave work early and give them a call to find out where you can get $5 drinks together.

The ski bum/beach bum


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Opening day is marked on their calendar with more hearts than their anniversary. Whistler is more like their second home than a mountain. No way you’re having a conversation with them over the winter without hearing, “You going up today bro?” In the summer, the ski bum morphs into the beach bum. Without fresh pow, what else are they to do but lounge on the sand all day and get golden before beach volleyball?

The 4/20 friendly


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This friend always seems to be in a good mood. Join them at the beach, park, drum circle, or the couch at home for some mellow times. Bonus: they can help you navigate the city’s many dispensaries and have opinions on everything from indica strains to edibles.

The foodie


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This friend always has a line on a new up-and-coming spot for eats and they’ll never turn down an invite to eat. The only drawback is that you might have to wait for them to get the perfect shot for their foodie Instagram account before you dig in.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story by Jack Hauen was published in 2016.

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