Free Shangri-La condo listing "too good to be true": realtor

Nov 5 2020, 1:40 am

A Vancouver realtor says a recent Craigslist post advertising a free one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit at the Shangri-La tower that garnered media attention is “too good to be true.”

The 677-sq-ft, north-facing apartment was recently posted on Craigslist for “no money down,” but it came with a catch — the apartment could be yours “just as long as you assume the owner’s debt.”

According to the listing, which has since been flagged for removal, the owner has “a couple of mortgages” on the unit at 1111 Alberni Street.

“There is essentially no equity left — given that the market has now fallen,” reads the post. “However, if someone wants to simply assume the debts I am happy to give the unit away.”

Kevin Chao, a licensed realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Services, said the listing looks suspicious, and that most people in the rising market are trying to get the most out of their properties — the opposite of the lister’s “the market has fallen” claims.

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“It could very likely be a scam, where they set you up with an offer you can’t refuse, and as you communicate to them, they will bring up some complication which can be resolved as soon as you are able to transfer funds in some way,” Chao told Daily Hive Urbanized in an email.

free Shangri-La


The listing says the apartment is on a high floor, has partial water views, and comes with a parking stall. There’s also an electric fireplace and air conditioning, granite countertops in the kitchen, and a spa-like bath.

Amenities at the residences and hotel of Metro Vancouver’s tallest tower include a 24-hour concierge, fitness centre, infinity pool, and hot tub.

“If I had a client that brought this to me, I would want them to not get their hopes up and approach this situation with extreme caution,” Chao said.

“If anything sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is, especially when it comes to real estate in Vancouver.”

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