Float on: BC could be getting its first floating Nordic spa (RENDERINGS)

Mar 15 2022, 10:55 pm

Victoria’s Inner Harbour could soon be home to a seaside sauna and floating pools.

A 144-foot-long floating spa was proposed by Varm Experiences Ltd. and Havn Experiences Ltd. in February.

HAVN spa victoria floating nordic 4

Courtesy of HAVN Experiences Ltd.

In the application, they say harbourside saunas and spas are fantastic at revitalizing waterfronts and local economies.

HAVN spa victoria floating nordic

Courtesy of HAVN Experiences Ltd.

“HAVN aims to connect its visitors with the sea, one of Victoria’s most precious natural resources,” the application says. 

“Not only is the space itself designed to encompass sweeping views of the Inner Harbour’s most iconic sites, but filtered and recirculated seawater features onboard allow patrons to connect and engage directly with the Pacific Ocean.”

The plan would be to offer two Nordic freshwater cold pools, an ocean water pool, and three hot pools. Four saunas and spaces to relax and socialize both indoors and outdoors are also available.

HAVN spa victoria floating nordic 5

Courtesy of HAVN Experiences Ltd.

HAVN is hoping to include a flex space in the new location, which will allow them to host community events like dance nights and shows. There will also be abundant green space to enjoy.

The spa would be constructed in Ship Point, where there’s already tons of foot traffic from people sightseeing and checking out things to do. 

A floating nordic spa could take some time to approve and set up, but if council gives the go-ahead, locals can go ahead and get excited.

HAVN spa victoria floating nordic 3

Courtesy of HAVN Experiences Ltd.

The municipal government still has to figure out how the bylaws will need to change to allow for the HAVN spa, and how it would fit into their Ship Point Master Plan.

HAVN spa victoria floating nordic 2

Courtesy of HAVN Experiences Ltd.

“In the wake of COVID-19, HAVN will push back and boost economic prosperity in the inner harbour by attracting new visitors to the area and bringing yearround use and activation to Ship Point,” said HAVN in its application.

The City of Victoria will make an official statement when they’ve decided whether or not the project will move forward.

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