Ritual Nordic Spa: BC’s first-ever urban Nordic spa opens in Victoria (PHOTOS)

Feb 16 2022, 8:56 pm

A new urban spa is opening on Vancouver Island today: Ritual Nordic Spa brings the uniquely Scandinavian experience of a Nordic spa to downtown Victoria.

Located in the Harris Green neighbourhood, this gorgeous new 3,500-square-foot spa is an oasis for those seeking rest and relaxation without leaving the city.

Sauna at Ritual Nordic Spa

Marci Hotsenpiller, founder and CEO of Ritual Nordic Spa, is delighted to bring sauna culture to her hometown of Victoria. “We are on a mission to deliver an elevated wellness experience in an urban setting specifically designed to rejuvenate, heal and uplift guests during this critical time,” she says.

“Self-care and wellness need not be a luxury but a necessity that should be available and approachable for all.”

Firepit at Ritual Nordic SpaCo-ed public saunas have been gaining popularity across North American urban centres as stressed-out folks increasingly focus on improving their health and well-being. Ritual Nordic Spa offers all of the advantages of a traditional Finnish sauna house, but with a modern touch.

Spa visitors move through the cycle of hot, cold, rest and repeat at their own pace. This circuit is the key to the whole experience, delivering results ranging from boosting immunity to improving mood to enhancing overall well-being.

Sauna at Ritual Nordic SpaFirst, feel the heat in a traditional Finnish-style sauna or a eucalyptus-infused steam room.


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Next, release endorphins as you plunge into a cold pool — aim for at least a minute in the 9-degree-Celsius water — or cool off in a Nordic bucket shower. Also fun is the outdoor “snow station,” which generates snow that you can make into snowballs and use to cool your skin.

Himalayan salt lounge at Ritual Nordic SpaThen, unwind while basking in the subtly warm Himalayan salt lounge or on the mellow patio outside.

Ritual Nordic SpaFinally, repeat the entire process as many times as you wish, within your two-hour visit. You can complete the circuit alone or with friends. If you’re seeking complete solitude, book one of the private suites.

Massage at Ritual Nordic SpaTo achieve the max in relax, add a 60- or 90-minute massage to your visit. A unique 60-minute alpine dry brush experience is also available.

Ritual Nordic Spa cafeAfter so much relaxation, you’re bound to work up an appetite. For snacking and sipping, the spa’s onsite cafe offers an array of local craft beers, non-alcoholic artisanal beverages, tasty nibbles and more.

Steam room at Ritual Nordic Spa

The spa’s concern for individual wellness extends to the well-being of the planet. The environmentally minded design includes energy-efficient water filtration, heating and energy recovery systems, and an emphasis on natural light. Plus, the spa buys carbon offset credits for each guest who opts for just a towel and skips the robe.

Ritual Nordic Spa signIndividual spa passes are available, as well as bundles for multiple spa visits. Frequent visitors would benefit from a Cold Plunge Club membership, which includes four visits per month. Find out more about pricing and packages here.


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Ritual Nordic Spa

Address: 989 Johnson Street, #101
Phone: 778-440-9009
Website: www.ritualnordicspa.com
Instagram: @ritualnordicspa

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