Watch these firefighters confront a fire 'tornado' in the BC Interior (VIDEO)

Sep 17 2018, 11:13 pm

While the air might be clear and rain is again part of the weather forecast here on the West Coast, a video posted online over the weekend shows that in some parts of the province, the fight against the wildfires is far from over.

In an Instagram video, M.C Schidlowsky shares footage of a scene near the community of Vanderhoof.

And beyond just having to fight a “normal” fire, crews in this video contend with what Schidlowsky refers to as a fire “tornado.”

“Fire tornado destroyed our line,” she writes. “It threw burning logs across our guard for 45 minutes and pulled our hose 100 plus ft in the air before melting it.”

The incident she adds, “is definitely a first.”


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So while fire bans across the province have been lifted, and BC is no longer under a state of emergency, this video serves as a reminder that when it comes to the environment, Mother Nature pretty much just does whatever she wants.

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