Fire chief issues warning after dog falls over waterfall in Lynn Canyon

May 27 2020, 11:00 pm

North Vancouver’s fire chief is warning hikers to exercise caution as the weather continues to warm up in Vancouver.

A dog named Maya went missing after falling over a waterfall at Lynn Canyon over the weekend.

Firefighters came to assist in the search but were unsuccessful in locating her.

“I think it’s important to remember that it’s still spring; our water levels are very high at this point in time as we get into this warming trend,” North Vancouver Fire Chief Brian Hutchinson told Daily Hive.

“The snow melt in the higher elevations is creating the water levels in our local rivers and creeks to rise quite a bit, so the water is very cold, very fast and higher than what a lot of people would be used to in the summertime.”

According to Chief Hutchinson, Maya’s family is continuing to take the lead on any further efforts to locate the dog at this time.

“I think the best bet is staying distant from the water’s edge until we get into more of a warmer, drier period in the summer when the water flow levels decrease enough that people can then enjoy getting into the water,” added Hutchinson.

“We would caution right now, given the volume, the speed and the temperature of the water, to stay back from the water’s edge.”

As the weather continues to improve, and people get out on the local trails, Hutchinson adds that people should be prepared if they are heading out on hikes.

“Know where you’re going, know the area, know the conditions, know the weather.”

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