This underwear Kickstarter has your hoo-ha's health top of mind

Oct 23 2019, 12:06 am

Women should be celebrating their vaginas for all their amazing life-giving glory, but when they’re not functioning at their prime, having a hoo-ha can feel like more of a burden than a blessing.

Who hasn’t been graced by at least one of the following during their adult lifetime: a yeast infection, BV, or a UTI (that’s bacterial vaginosis and a urinary tract infection for those of you lucky enough to not be acquainted with their acronyms)?

Huha underwear/Huha

Receiving word that any of these nasties have affected your nether regions is not fun; especially for those with recurrent infections, trying to keep your vaginal health in check can start to feel helpless.

And it’s usually nasty chemicals like toxic pesticides, carcinogens, and formaldehyde, found in conventional cotton that end up disrupting hormones and are even linked to infertility and cancer.

A relentless quest for answers usually looks a little something like this: googling symptoms, googling remedies, and then googling more (increasingly absurd) remedies. Down the internet rabbit hole, supposed cures range from putting crystals in strange places (aka the infamous yoni jade egg), douching with yogurt, or popping probiotics.

But local Vancouver company, Huha, might just have a better — not to mention, way more simple — solution. Just wear a pair of undies.

Not any old pair of undies, however. Ones armed with zinc, a powerful antidote to bacteria and infection. The mineral-infused underwear helps regulate your pH, fight yeast infection-causing bacteria, and results in six times less odor-causing bacteria than polyester.

Huha underwear models/Huha

Huha founder, Alexa Suter, was inspired to create vagina-friendly underwear after a bout of recurrent UTIs she had for six months. She found all of the options had toxic chemicals, weren’t comfortable, didn’t fit properly or were always mix-matched patterns.

Huha’s undies, apart from being amazing for your health, are actually comfortable and they use a bunch of other natural hoo-ha–friendly tactics too.

Firstly, as opposed to traditional underwear fabrics like nylon and polyester, which are bad for your downstairs and the environment, Huha’s main fabric is Tencel, an all-natural fiber made out of eucalyptus trees.

Is there anything more therapeutic-sounding than eucalyptus? Not only does the fabric improve your chance of fending off nasties, but it’s even more breathable, sustainable, and anti-bacterial than gynecologist-recommended cotton. That’s way better than the moisture trapping, bacteria-breeding regular fabrics.

It’s backed up by science, too. A study done over a 24-hour period showed that polyester exhibits 2,000 times the bacteria growth than Huha underwear, cotton, on the other hand, 10 times the amount. Suter also explains the that while cotton is better than most fabrics, it “requires huge amounts of chemical dyes in order to hold a color, so the fibers tend to have a lot of chemicals in them.”

Huha underwear/Huha

Huha takes their impact on the environment seriously — and not just with their fabrics. Their underwear is made out of a Fair Trade factory in India and is sustainably certified by OEKO-TEX 100, meaning their product is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals and biodegradable.

And as if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, the underwear is all about comfort and simplicity. They’re sold in packs you usually see men’s undies sold in — why the fuss and confusion that comes with shopping for so many different styles and shapes of women’s underwear?

“Women no longer want to wear lace, frills, and bows, so we did away with all that. We also took out tight waistband elastics that cause muffin tops, and we’ve replaced the common tiny triangular gusset linings with a full coverage lining that extends up to the waistband,” Suter says.

Huha underwear/Huha

Interested? Check out the new brand’s Kickstarter campaign or website to stay in the loop when they launch the line on October 22. You’ll be keeping your hoo-ha in optimal health with products like their zinc-infused Mineral Thong and Mineral Cheeky in no time!

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