Vancouver’s first-ever family yoga studio is now officially open

Oct 16 2019, 11:03 pm

Anyone who knows what it’s like to juggle a parent’s busy schedule also knows how it feels to sacrifice some much-needed “me time” for family obligations. 

Even if you’ve been dreaming all day long of getting that satisfying stretch, parenting always comes first. With flexible childcare often being inaccessible, there will be times when you have to choose watching the kids over working out — partially because many fitness classes aren’t family-friendly.

Luckily for parents, there is a new yoga studio in the city that is on a mission to offer an accessible yoga practice for the whole family. The studio is the first of its kind in Vancouver, and it’s ready to share its classes with the community.

Uphoria Yoga offers classes for all aspiring yogis, ages zero and up. In addition to adult yoga classes, the studio provides mat workouts, prenatal and postnatal classes, kids yoga, and family yoga classes — plus childminding options, birthday parties, and parents’ nights out.

With a variety of different class offerings, what your practice looks like is really up to you. If you are feeling like a grounding solo session and do not have any pressing obligations at home, you can take a class on your own. On the weekends, you can share a class with the entire family.


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There are still plenty of options for parents interested in practicing without their little ones. Uphoria hosts a variety of strength-based workouts so you can choose to zen out or challenge yourself — depending on how you feel that day.

The prenatal and postnatal classes are offered for new and expecting mothers — including those who have to keep their other kids with them in class.

Kids of any age can take a class of their own, too. Uphoria’s yoga for kids aims to help children improve “physical literacy”, develop their strength and coordination, and learn about breathing exercises and mindfulness, all while sparking wonder and consciousness from a young age. 

Incorporating Early Childhood Educational techniques in both the class offerings as well as in the childminding hours, the studio focuses on growth and learning through play.

Giving children such a healthy hobby to practice can be great for building confidence throughout childhood. From when they start crawling up until they hit their teens, they can sign up for an appropriate program, eventually graduating to adult classes at 17.

Uphoria’s co-founders and their family/Uphoria Yoga

They’ll be in good hands, too. Uphoria has assembled highly-educated instructors, some of whom are former professional athletes. All instructors have completed their standard 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and have extensive health and education backgrounds. 

The kid’s yoga teachers are Early Childhood Education Certified and specialize in Kids Yoga Teacher Training Programs, so you can trust that the children will be super safe while you shape up your downward dog in the other room.

Uphoria’s mission is to be unique, affordable, and accessible to everybody, and the story of the couple who started the company is proof of that. 

Tara and Shayan, co-founders, named the studio Uphoria because that’s how they felt when they met and started their journey together as husband and wife.

Both of them are professional yoga and tennis instructors, but it wasn’t until they had their baby, Pasha, that they were inspired to create a studio that would bring the community together so that families can grow happier, healthier, and more connected. They’ve made that dream come true together with the opening of Vancouver’s first family yoga studio.


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Uphoria is located at 88 East Broadway in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, steps from Olympic Village. The studio has two beautiful rooms: one dedicated to kids, and the other dedicated to adults. You can check out their website for new pricing and structures for kids, adults, and families.

Tara and Shayan are extending a special offer to Daily Hive readers this month, with 15% off all passes using promo code DAILYHIVE15. The offer is valid until November 5, 2019 and does not apply to the intro pass.

You can also enter to win a one-month unlimited pass, giving you free reign to try out any (or many!) of their unique classes.


To enter to win a one-month unlimited pass to Uphoria Yoga, fill out the following form:

Contest entries will be accepted from the time and date of publishing until 11:59 pm on November 5, 2019. One winner will be chosen at random and contacted through the platform they used to enter.

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Uphoria Yoga

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