Witness claims dogs never get to leave False Creek boats (PHOTOS)

Jan 5 2023, 2:00 pm

A concerned Vancouver citizen is worried about a situation involving some boats in False Creek and dogs that allegedly never get to leave the vessels.

Daily Hive received an email from the citizen and photos demonstrating their claims.

The witness also claims that the boat is dumping waste into the water.

We’ve written several stories about the situation in False Creek involving boats that, in some cases, are in False Creek illegally. The Vancouver Police Department’s Marine Unit has also responded to the situation.

dogs false creek boats


Two dogs are involved in the situation with these False Creek boats, including a black lab acting as a guard dog that “never gets off the boat,” according to the witness. The witness adds that the SPCA was involved and that the tarps obscured the view of the guard dog.

false creek boats dogs


The witness claims that VPD attended the scene of the boats in question and we’ve reached out to confirm the report. We’ve also reached out to the SPCA.

“We were very hopeful the SPCA and police would remove the dog from these boats,” they said.

They added they were saddened to see police leave the scene without the dogs.

According to the witness, the boats dumped oil into the water near Olympic Village.

false creek boats dogs



To legally anchor in False Creek, boaters must obtain a free permit through the City of Vancouver. Boaters can anchor 14 of 30 days in the summer and 21 of 40 days in the winter. Once that period ends, boaters need to leave the creek.

The BC SPCA told Daily Hive that it did attend to the vessel after a complaint.

“We determined that the dog has access to the main boat, not shown in [the] picture.”

BC SPCA added that the dog is in good shape but has a possible medical concern. In terms of the vessel, the SPCA says that the living quarters were seen and in good order, with “no ammonia or feces present.”

Additionally, SPCA said that the owner walks the dog regularly.

Meanwhile, VPD says it continues to “tackle the unoccupied boats in False Creek.”

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