You can be fined $109 for an 'excessively noisy' vehicle in BC

Jun 28 2018, 8:31 pm

With the summer travel season now in full swing, police in BC are reminding motorists that an ‘excessively noisy’ vehicle could land them a $109 fine and two penalty points.

And in places like White Rock, police are cracking down on these types of vehicular noise disturbances, thanks to an increase in complaints from the public, said White Rock RCMP Const. Chantal Sears.

“The RCMP has received numerous complaints about loud vehicles travelling through White Rock and enforcement officers are now on the look-out for excessively noisy vehicles,” said Sears. “We would ask all motorists to drive in a manner that limits vehicle noise and to respect the comfort of their neighbours and the community.

Sears added that causes of “unnecessary noise” can stem from things like “custom exhaust systems,” burnouts, loud engines, and braking components.

Noise violation tickets are issued under Section 7A.01 of the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

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