Ellen surprises Ontario nurse with $20K for grad school (VIDEO)

May 5 2017, 7:38 pm

A Windsor, Ontario nurse got a surprise while on the Ellen show this week.

Maggie Boglitch, a Canadian registered nurse who works in Detroit, was called from the audience to participate in “Know or Go,” which has players standing on a raised platform, and drop when they answer incorrectly.

Before playing, Ellen finds out about Boglitch and calls nurses “wonderful people,” to which Boglitch says, “It’s the most amazing feeling to give back to people. I would work for free. You’re my inspiration everyday.”

Boglitch had to play with teammates, and Ellen had brought the nurse’s sister and mother to play along.

But the game wasn’t the highlight.

Even after falling, Boglitch won a $1,000 Visa giftcard before Ellen asked her why she wants to go to grad school. “I just want to be the best nurse I could possibly be, and my number one thing is I want to give back to my mom,” she said.

That’s when Ellen reveals that she has also won $20,000 towards her grad school, and Boglitch was left with plenty of happy tears.

The video has been shared by the show, and has been viewed almost 2 million times. Check it out below.

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