Don't take a selfie with your marked ballot on election day

Sep 19 2021, 6:04 pm

The excitement around the 2021 federal election is coming to a head, but before you head to the polls you should know a couple of simple do’s and don’ts.

For example, did you know it’s illegal to take a selfie with your marked ballot?

Even if you’re excited to vote – especially if it’s your first time voting in a federal election – it’s important to follow the rules.

And even though the Canada Elections Act was put together before we all had smartphones and Instagram, it has some pretty clear guidelines about photography of marked ballots.

You’re not allowed to take or distribute photos or videos of a ballot that’s been marked by an elector. So no selfies or pics on Instagram of your ballot in any way.

In Canada, the vote is secret. Any photos would violate the secrecy of the vote.

Election officers will be on the look out for anything that might violate that secrecy, including sneaky selfies.

So it could be a good idea to keep your phone in your pocket as you’re marking your ballot.

You can check out Election Canada’s FAQ before you head to the polls to learn more about the rules and your rights.

The 2021 Canadian Federal Election is on Monday, September 20.

Sarah AndersonSarah Anderson

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