Seventh reported earthquake hits off the coast of BC

Oct 22 2018, 11:52 pm

After a series of earthquakes hit off the west coast of Vancouver Island on Sunday night, a seventh earthquake has been reported this morning 225 km west of the town of Tofino, and 419 km west of Victoria.

The latest quake took place at 8:27 am, and had a reported depth of 10 km and with a 5.2 magnitude.

On Sunday, three potent earthquakes struck within less than an hour; this follows a magnitude 6.6 earthquake at 10:39 pm PST and a stronger magnitude 6.8 earthquake at 11:16 pm PST.

The third seismic event had a seabed epicentre located 223 km southwest of Port Hardy and a shallow depth of only 10 km. All of the earthquakes struck the same vicinity on the Explore Plate.

Two more earthquakes were reported early in the morning hours today.

No damage was expected from these magnitude 6+ earthquakes given the open ocean epicentre locations of the seismic events, but had these occurred near or on land they could have created significant damage, especially with their shallow depths.

Another tremor was also detected in the area at 11:36 pm PST, but it was less powerful with a magnitude of 4.9 and a deeper depth of 17.8 km.

No tsunami warnings have been issued for any of these earthquakes.

Sunday’s second tremor was the largest earthquake in BC since the magnitude 7.8 earthquake on October 27, 2012, in Haida Gwaii.

-With files from Kenneth Chan

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