20-year-old BC driver loses his car for one week for excessive speeding

Apr 19 2023, 4:49 pm

Police are reminding the public that road safety matters after pulling over a 20-year-old BC driver for speeding.

Abbotsford Police shared the incident on Twitter, tweeting that it pulled over a 20-year-old driver for going 152 km/h in a 70 km/h zone.

Officers observed the vehicle speeding in the Sumas Prairie area.

The punishment, in this case, was the 20-year-old driver losing his car for just one week.

Abbotsford Police have shared many tweets like this over the past couple of months, and in most cases, people don’t think the punishment fits the crime.

In a different case last month, a 17-year-old BC “N” driver was caught speeding, going 150 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. He was issued over $1,000 in fines, and the vehicle was impounded. In that case, some people thought the fine wasn’t enough and that the car should’ve been kept indefinitely.

What do you think a more fitting punishment for this 20-year-old driver’s speeding violation would have been?

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