Dr. Henry "strongly endorses" people to dine out at local restaurants

Jun 4 2020, 11:29 pm

If you’ve been on the fence about visiting a restaurant since Phase 2 of BC’s restart began on May 19, you’re not alone.

Those who have ventured out to eat have likely seen restaurants across the city that have levelled up their health and safety measures, providing awesome areas for Vancouverites looking to return to the “new normal” of dine-in experiences.

During a press conference on Thursday, Dr. Henry was asked if she was prepared to recommend patrons visit restaurants – as many establishments have been struggling to attract customers since reopening their doors for dine-in service.

“Absolutely,” said Henry, who said she herself has already dined at one of her favourite restaurants since dine-in restrictions were lifted in May. Dr. Henry said she will continue to dine out as well.

“What we have been doing around coming up with the plans, the COVID safety plans, that have those requirements, the public health stamp of approval if you will, is to do just that, to build that confidence,” she furthered.

“If people have a plan, they’ve thought about it, they’re doing what we need them to do, then we know that those environments will be safe.”

Dr. Henry did admit that she experienced some stress when heading out for a meal for the first time, but quickly mentioned it was “great.”

“I do encourage people. It will be different and it will take a little bit of…it will be a little awkward at first — at least it was for me, a little anxiety-provoking,” she said.

“But you know what? It was great. We need to get back to those social connections that are done in a safe way. And I do encourage people to go out to those restaurants that have taken the time to develop a plan to do it right so they can protect staff, and they can protect our customers, and we can have some growth. Particularly our small businesses, our small restaurants, restaurants who are missing us and the people who have been off work for this period of time.”

“So yes, I strongly endorse people going out and doing it in a safe way.”


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