DoorDash adds alcohol delivery in Vancouver (and it only costs 1 cent!)

May 29 2017, 4:37 pm

Sure, we’re used to using websites, apps, and the old fashioned phone to get food delivered to our home or office. But how about booze? It can happen!

DoorDash, the restaurant delivery service, has added alcohol delivery from select Vancouver breweries and liquor stores. Those who are of legal age may order up bottled and/or canned wine, hard alcohol, or beer. Perfect for when you are running low on supplies and the smart thing is to stay off the road and keep the party going, or for when your dinner in is missing a great bottle of wine.

Currently, participating sellers are the Vancouver Urban Winery, Postmark Brewing, Firefly Fine Wines, Yaletown Liquor Store, and Big Rock Urban Brewery–so we are talking some good stuff here!

Postmark Beer

Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

The base delivery fee is just one cent (if you can even remember what a penny is!) but during busy or peak times, you’ll see a price fluctuation.

Just in case you’re thinking this is a great way for those who are 18 and under to get their hands on booze, DoorDash won’t let that fly. Their drivers must verify ID and enter it into their system before they can release the alcohol to the buyer. Nice try, though, kids!

Prior to Vancouver, DoorDash has had the option to order alcohol for delivery available in their California, Texas, and Miami markets.

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