An ad for a "Doomsday Bunker Apocalypse Getaway" has people talking

Mar 14 2022, 6:26 pm

An ad, published initially on Kijiji, offering the chance to invest in your very own doomsday bunker for a cool $20,000 per person is receiving mixed reactions.

The ad states that the owner of the property, located ambiguously somewhere in Saskatchewan, intends to create a pin-wheel layout of eight units with a central common area and medical, exercise, dining and living areas.

Private units along with a dorm-style setup for individuals will be available as well, with private units being completely customizable with all amenities.

“We have purchased a 160-acre parcel of land with [a] working ranch to set up as a last resort getaway in one of the safest locations in Saskatchewan, according to many sources,” the ad states.

The post has amassed nearly 2,000 views since it was listed last week, so it’s obviously grabbing people’s attention.

“This location is self-sufficient and will be completed to be off-grid. Deposits of $20,000 for individuals and $100,000 for private bunkers will be needed to discuss any further plans,” the post says.

It wasn’t long until the advertisement made its way to Reddit, where some reacted to the post and the eye-popping price tag attached to it.

“This has got to be a joke,” wrote one user. Another quipped, “there’s actually a pretty big market for this.”

“Don’t let the Reddit echo chamber fool you; we have hardcore preppers here in Sask. I work with a guy who has a bunker in his backyard with months of canned food. I’d bet this is legitimate,” wrote another user.

So if you fear end times are near and are looking for a spot to hide away, here’s your chance. You might just have to empty your bank account first.

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