A group of people went dogsledding through a Tim Hortons drive-thru (VIDEO)

Jan 14 2020, 8:33 pm

A group of dogs and their sledders recently took the scenic route, stopped for a snack along the way, and caught it all on video.

East Coast Mushing shared a clip on Facebook that shows a pack of dogsledders sliding through a Tim Hortons drive-thru in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia.

The crew first passes through the ordering station, and then heads through to the window where they retrieve their order.

The video shows one sledder receiving a hot drink and a tiny pack of Timbits, which she begins to open as the dogs bounce around her legs with wagging tails.

“Mushers from East Coast Mushing paid a visit to the Tim Hortons on First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville to give the hardworking dogs a Timbit treat!” reads the post’s caption.

While the weather in Lower Sackville looks well below freezing, this adorable video is cute enough to warm anyone’s heart.

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