The first cruise ship to journey to all seven continents just set sail

Jan 14 2020, 12:13 am

The first cruise ship in history to journey to all seven continents has officially set sail.

Passengers aboard Silversea‘s Silver Whisper departed from Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday.

They will arrive in Amsterdam on May 25, where they can loudly and proudly proclaim that they have officially circumnavigated the world.

“Pushing the boundaries of travel, guests on Silversea‚Äôs World Cruise 2020 will travel deep into 62 destinations in 32 countries, including the Antarctic Peninsula over three days,”¬†says¬†the official press release.


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Guests onboard are presented with a multitude of activities and exclusive events on their 140-day journey, such as the fascinating cocktail program that will immerse passengers in their various destinations by allowing them to travel via their tastebuds.

Passengers will sample unique drinks from the various regions they visit, all of which feature local ingredients. Additionally, they will learn the tradition and history behind each cocktail.

Serving as a preview to Silversea’s new¬†S.A.L.T. programme, which will be implemented with the launch of¬†Silver Moon in August 2020, the offering consists of 62 cocktails that provide guests with flavours inspired by the unique characteristics of each region they visit.


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The cruise line has also introduced a collection of 33 brand new shore experiences for the new year entitled the World Cruise Collection.

Examples of said experiences include a musical, culinary journey in San Juan hosted by an acclaimed artist, a special dance performance by a world-renowned folkloric ballet troupe in Salvador da Bahia, as well as a four-course lunch, prepared by a celebrity chef, in Singapore.

As well, for the first time ever on a Silversea World Cruise, guests will be able to embark on Zodiac activities supervised by the cruise line’s expedition team.

One such expedition allows guests to venture in the Antarctic Peninsula and travel to areas where they are likely to see seals, penguins, and other animals in their natural habitat.


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‚ÄúIt was an honour to bid our guests bon voyage ahead of our World Cruise 2020,‚ÄĚ Silversea’s president and CEO, Roberto Martinoli, said in the release.

‚ÄúLegends of Cruising is our most immersive World Cruise to date, offering an unprecedented range of experiences. From Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam, Antarctica to Aqaba, the variety of destinations discovered by our guests will showcase the authentic beauty of the world like never before.”

Silversea is also excited to announce two more pioneering World Cruises in 2021, one of which is the world’s first Expedition World Cruise.


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According to the release, “Offering distinct sets of experiences and differing ways to discover our planet,¬†the Finest World Tour¬†and¬†the Uncharted World Tour¬†will enable Silversea‚Äôs guests to travel the world on their terms as they cruise in superlative comfort.”

For more information regarding future Silversea World Cruises, you can visit the cruise line’s official website.

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