Everyone's clapping for this dog who got adopted after 134 days in the shelter

Feb 23 2020, 7:28 pm

Keegan the dog got adopted after spending 134 days at the Calgary Humane Society, and he got a standing ovation as he walked out with his new family.

Staff at the animal shelter lined up to say goodbye to Keegan on Wednesday, and clapped for him as his new parents led him out the door.

The pup didn’t quite know what was happening, and bounced around to say goodbye to all the staff that took care of him during his stay.

“It’s always bittersweet when our long-term residents head off to their new homes, but we couldn’t be happier for Keegan and his family!” the Calgary Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Watch as the happy pup gets a heartfelt round of applause:

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