Vancouver's 6th annual Le Dîner en Blanc to descend upon 2 Coal Harbour parks tonight

Aug 25 2017, 12:47 am

Tonight’s the night: The 6th annual Le Dîner en Blanc is taking place in Vancouver, and thousands of enthusiasts decked out in head to toe white will gather at an until-now secret location for an elegant picnic evening.

Attendees are given a meeting place prior to the event, but the actual location is kept secret until the last minute. In the past, Le Dîner en Blanc has taken place at spots like David Lam Park, Jack Poole Plaza, Concord Plaza, and Canada Place. Just where the festivities will happen is always part of the pre-event excitement for many each year.

Dîner en Blanc 2016/Image: Jonathan Evans

For 2017, organizers The Social Concierge chose two Coal Harbour parks for the special evening, inspired by its Parisian counterpart.

Party-goers will be setting up their tables, chairs, food, and drink this year at Devonian Harbour Park (located at 1929 West Georgia Street) and Harbour Green Park (at 1199 West Cordova Street). Guests will be shuttled in for a 6 pm arrival, and at 6:45 pm all the attendees will be seated and will wave their white napkins in the air to signal the event’s official start.

After dinner, at 8:30 guests will light sparklers and kick off the second part of the night, where they can mingle and hit the dance floor. At 9:45 a trumpet sounds and calls the evening to a close–except for those who will meet again at 10 pm at the Westin Bayshore for “Le Disco” after party.

Keep an eye out Friday morning for photos of the visually stunning annual event!

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