Steam Up: You can play this adorable Vancouver-made dim sum board game

Sep 29 2021, 7:05 pm

If you’re obsessed with getting dim sum with your friends, then there’s a new way you can enjoy your weekly ritual.

Steam Up is a new dim sum board game made in Vancouver by Asian, female makers that brings together a love of food and gaming.

In the game, Steam Up is a world-renowned Dim Sum restaurant and they only create limited quantities of their most popular dishes each day. Playing as one of 12 unique animal characters, your goal is to eat the most dim sum out of any other player. Challenge accepted!

Steam Up was designed by Pauline Kong and her friends. She’s an ICU and ADC nurse by day and an emerging board game designer by night. Together with Marie Wong, Haymen Lee, and Jose Hsu, they made the dim sum themed board game.

It all started when they were talking about designing a game together. They were at Pauline’s house when a drawing of dim sum dishes on her table sparked their imagination.

“We thought having a game designed by Asians who are from the culture is what makes Steam Up authentic,” said Pauline.


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“Our hope is to use the platform Steam Up creates as a positive force to build bridges of understanding to Asian culture, so that gamers of all races can learn about and discover Asian culture and customs via fun and immersive board games,” they said.

The game will launch on KickstarterĀ on October 19, 2021 ā€“ and dim sum lovers can play online right now on Tabletop Simulator.

dim sum board game

Steam Up


If you’re a dim sum expert, then the game will bring back plenty of good memories of eating har gow and char siu. And if you’ve never tried the traditional Chinese cuisine before, then it’ll introduce you to new dishes that will leave your mouth watering.
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