“Great Scott!”: Electric revival coming for classic DeLorean car

Feb 17 2022, 3:17 pm

It seems like we might soon be going Back to the Future.

It’s been over three decades since the release of the film trilogy, and the DeLorean has remained as cool as ever. Now, it’s in the process of being revived as an electric vehicle.

In a teaser revealed earlier this week, the DeLorean Motor Company announced its iconic car would return to the roads with its gull-wing doors and industrial design.

No word yet on if this baby needs to hit 88 mph, though.

“The Future was never promised,” reads the tweet. “Reimagine today.”

The 15-second teaser features the silhouette of the iconic doors and is accompanied by several hashtags revealing that the new DeLorean will be both electric and focus on luxury.

The surprise announcement marks the return of the car that was only sold between 1981 and 1982. Despite its now-iconic look, the DeLorean was criticized for being unpowered, compared to rival motor company cars.

By the time Robert Zemeckis’ sci-fi hit debuted in 1985, the DeLorean — famous for being the time travelling machine used by Doc Brown — had gone bankrupt, and production of the car was ceased.

According to the DeLorean Motor Company, the premiere of the new electric vehicle is expected sometime in 2022.

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