4 places where you can hit the dance floor for free in Vancouver

Mar 23 2017, 9:20 pm

Sometimes you just want to dance.

And most of those times you don’t want to pay $10+ cover to get into the club, only to then realize that there are no free tables/the drinks are way too expensive/the dance floor is dead.

Luckily enough, there are a few places in Vancouver that are accessible without having to gamble any money away on that dastardly cover charge.

We’re not talking about the places that only offer free cover on weekdays when none of your friends are down to drink because they idiotically got themselves stuck in secure, nine to five jobs. We’re talking about places with free cover every single day of the week (and weekend!).

They may not be the biggest, flashiest, or nicest dance floors you’ve ever strutted your stuff on, but they’re definitely the cheapest.

The Cambie

The Cambie is a Gastown classic, with their cheap drinks, huge picnic tables, and respectable arcade (yes, they do have Big Buck Deer Hunter). The place is notoriously free of cover, though be sure to get there before the line forms, or it’s $10 to skip it.

The “dance floor” is basically just an open area that most people walk through when trying to get to the washrooms, but with enough cheap drinks in you that’s really not going to matter much.

Pro tip: pop in earlier in the day, grab a stamp, go have dinner, and then show up again however late you want.

Where: 300 Cambie St, Vancouver

The Belmont Bar

This is an easy place to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. While it can feel quite… cozy once the place fills up, they do have a designated dance floor that feels more spacious than it looks.

Where: 1006 Granville St, Vancouver

Hello Goodbye

There’s a bit of a pattern here, as this new Yaletown cocktail club is down a few flights of easy-to-miss stairs, as well. Hello Goodbye is open from Wednesday to Saturday, features DJs on the weekend, and is 100% cover-free. Take that saved cash and spend it on a Pink Flamingo, or maybe an Earl Grey Mar-TEA-ni to get those dancing legs moving.

Where: 1120 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Guilt and Company

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Guilt and Co. is a live music venue that hosts a wide variety of bands and shows. The best thing about the place? They have “pay-what-you-can” admittance fees for nights. While it is not technically “free,” it still offers some flexibility for anyone looking to dance.

Where: 1 Alexander St, Vancouver

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