57% of our newsroom is made up of women

Mar 9 2020, 1:46 am

Being surrounded by so many strong, intelligent, powerful, and driven women isn’t something I’m scared of, it’s something I’ve strived for, and am proud of.

It’s a well known fact that hiring more women in the workplace is good for business. And here at Daily Hive, we very much believe this. We’re proud to have a diverse team across the company that’s free of gender disparity.

It’s 2020, sure. It’s the right thing to do, sure. But it’s made our business infinitely stronger.

The facts are simple:

  • 58% of our company identify as women
  • 50% of our department leaders identify as women
  • 57% of our editorial team identify as women
  • 75% of our senior editorial board identify as women

Having more women in leadership positions has led to improved productivity and innovation, strengthened culture and team dynamics, and created an all-around better work environment.

Over the past number of years, as we’ve grown, we’ve made a concerted effort to especially create a diverse newsroom. From race and ethnicity to gender and age, the team creating the content should represent those reading it. It’s the only way we’ve been able to tell the stories we do, and we’re damn proud of it.

We’re living in an age of political polarization, and reader trust is our single greatest currency. Having a range of viewpoints ensures we’re able to have intelligent conversations across the spectrum in order to tell the best, most thought out stories possible. It has also allowed our coverage to be more diverse across a variety of topics. Our level of inclusiveness and diversity is something we have worked hard to achieve, and it’s been critical in the growth of our content.

A team full of women isn’t just good for storytelling or our business, it’s been essential in building the human connections inside and outside the organization, and it’s helping bring trust back to the news media industry.

As we celebrate the women in our lives, let’s remember that gender equality in the workplace makes us better employers, colleagues, and companies.

Farhan MohamedFarhan Mohamed

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