Canadians are getting alerts from CRA saying their email has been removed

Feb 16 2021, 9:47 pm

Update February 17, 2021: The CRA tells Daily Hive the mass email removals were not due to a security breach. 

Some Canadians are receiving emails from the Canada Revenue Agency saying their email address has been removed from their account, raising suspicions of a data breach at the country’s tax administrator.

The alerts inform recipients that their email address has been removed, and they’re no longer able to log into their online CRA accounts afterwards. One woman told Daily Hive that her login via her bank’s partner application was also disconnected.

The woman’s CRA notification came from an address carrying the Government of Canada’s usual email ending: [email protected].

CRA email


Several others have complained of a similar problem. Some say they get an “ERR.021” message when they try to log in.

Canadians posting to Twitter are suspicious the CRA was hacked, and say it’s especially frustrating because they can’t get in touch with the federal tax collector on the phone.

At the moment it’s not clear how these people’s emails were removed.

A CRA spokesperson told Daily Hive they are looking into the issue, but didn’t answer questions about what’s going on.




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