#COVIDHairCares celebrates messy quarantine hairdos for charity

Apr 8 2020, 4:31 pm

A new social charity movement celebrates the hilarity of isolation-based haircuts (or lack thereof) to raise money for those battling coronavirus all over the world.

Prompting folks to donate when, where, and however they can, the #COVIDHairCares hashtag grew from some funny posts made about what hairdos have come to look like now, more than a month into most non-essential service shutdowns.

“My hair is getting ridiculous, and I was starting to see a lot of messages and posts talking about the exact same thing,” creator of COVIDHairCares, Gavin Dew, tells Daily Hive. “So I thought, hey, what if we turned this into a lighthearted fundraising campaign for some serious causes?”

This new normal of storytelling, sharing, and charitable prompts has sprouted some of the most heartwarming, and often silly, social media movements of the past few years.

Started by BC-based family man, the movement promotes people of the internet to post photos of their quarantine haircut with a recommendation to tag others and spread charity awareness.

At this point in the social isolation process, I think a lot of people are talking about the same things to take their mind off COVID-19,” added Dew. “How to stay active, how to handle their kids, how to remember to change out of pyjamas, and how bad their hair is. We all need some moments of levity to stay healthy and distract ourselves from the sense of helplessness that sometimes creeps in.

Promoting charitable donations to causes like the Beauty Council, Food Banks, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and more, COVDHairCares is a grassroots (or should we say scalp roots) movement we can get behind.

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