Over $17,000 in COVID-19 fines issued at karaoke bars in Richmond

Feb 16 2021, 11:35 pm

More than $17,000 in COVID-19 fines were issued by police in Richmond over the weekend.

The incidents occurred over Saturday and Sunday, and the Richmond RCMP say that more than 50 people received violation tickets.

The first incident occurred on Saturday at approximately 1 am. Frontline officers say they attended a karaoke bar on the 4000 blocks of No. 3 Road, near Aberdeen Square Mall.

“Officers observed numerous contraventions of the Provincial Protective Measures Order,” reads a statement from the Richmond RCMP.

A total of 34 staff and patrons received COVID-19 violation tickets, each carrying a $230 fine. The manager of the bar received a ticket for $2,300, adding up to $10,120 in total fines issued.

The second incident took place on Sunday at 2 am, when police attended a commercial premises on the 2600 blocks of Shell Road.

RCMP say they “overheard people singing” and “discovered what appeared to be an unlicensed drinking establishment.”

A total of 21 people each received a $230 fine, and the organizer on-scene was given a ticket for $2,300. Sunday’s tickets added up to a total of $7,130.

Over the two days, Richmond RCMP issued a total of $17,250 worth of tickets to 57 individuals.

“Richmond RCMP is committed to promoting safety in our community, and we will continue to enforce the regulations aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19,” says Corporal Ian Henderson of the Richmond RCMP in a statement.

“It’s quite clear that some people are still not getting the message. People who continue to engage in this type of reckless, irresponsible behaviour will be held to account.”

Richmond RCMP says that anyone who learns of similar events being organized can contact the police at 604-278-1212.

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