Couple dramatically tries to escape cops during Bait Car bust in Langley (VIDEO)

Jul 5 2019, 7:17 am

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A video of a couple stealing a Bait Car (and then deeply regretting it) in Langley, BC has been released by this week.

The video, from 2010, chronicles nearly four minutes of the couple’s initial excitement of stealing a car and their subsequent terror after figuring out it’s a Bait Car.

The thieves enter the car and are pleased to find a full tank of gas and an IBM laptop inside.

The woman makes a call, trying to “get rid’ of the laptop, and then goes on to marvel at how the stolen car is in “really good condition.”

“Really good. Look at the interior,” she says.

Things then take a dramatic turn.

“Oh my God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!” says the woman. “Ahhh Jesus. Sh*t we’re done!” she continues, realizing the cops are following them. But her partner doesn’t seem to clue in — at all.

“For what?” he asks

When the woman tells him they are getting pulled over he insists they “didn’t do anything.”

She proceeds to go full Romeo and Juliet. “Oh my God, we’re done. Baby, I love you so much!” she says. “Oh my God, baby! I’m gonna miss you so much.”

The man in the driver’s seat still fails to understand what is going on.

“But we didn’t do anything,” he insists. “Relax! We didn’t do anything.”

He continues to drive as the woman gives him directions. They pull into a driveway and are stopped by the police.

The driver still doesn’t understand what is going on until he turns around and sees the flashing police patrol lights. With nowhere to run, he tries to hide in the back seat (spoiler alert, it didn’t work).

A police officer pulls up to the window and the woman makes a desperate effort to lie her way out of stealing a car.

“Please officer, we just got a ride here from this guy and now he just took off!”

“Yeah, this is a stolen car,” says the officer. “It’s a Bait Car.”

“It’s Bait Car? I’m pregnant,” says the woman. “I’m pregnant, please don’t hurt me.’

Despite the last minute attempt to avoid getting caught, this couple couldn’t hide — not even in the back seat– from the cops.

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