Cougar attacks dog on popular Metro Vancouver hiking trail

Feb 9 2021, 2:56 am

The BC Conservation Officer Service has issued a warning after a cougar reportedly attacked a small dog on a popular Metro Vancouver hiking trail.

The BC COS said in a Facebook post on Monday that the cougar allegedly attacked the dog near Buntzen Lake, close to Anmore, BC.

“Pet owners are reminded to keep dogs leashed and close to you at all times to help prevent cougar incidents,” the BC COS wrote.

More signage has been added to the area.

If you encounter a cougar while hiking, the service advises you to make yourself look as large as possible and stay facing the big cat. Never turn around or run away, and avoid making sudden movements.

“If a cougar attacks, fight back, convince the cougar you are a threat and not prey, use anything you can as a weapon,” the service says on its website.

The service did not say if the small dog survived the attack.

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