Additional coronavirus cases identified on flights in Vancouver

Jul 21 2020, 4:48 pm

Additional flights have been identified as having potential exposure to COVID-19, including a domestic flight to Toronto and an international flight from San Francisco.

The Government of Canada has added a trip from Vancouver to Toronto to its flight exposure list. Any person who flew on flight number AC112 on July 13 should self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days following the flight.

Specifically, the infected persons sat between rows 27 and 33.

The flight information has not been posted on the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) website at this time.

Eleven other domestic flights have been confirmed to have carried the virus. This includes flights that have departed from Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna, and Vancouver, as well as flights that have arrived in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Victoria, and Vancouver.

Airline Flight Number Date Origin Destination Affected Seats
WestJet 460 July 2 Kelowna Calgary n/a
WestJet 348 July 5 Kelowna Edmonton n/a
WestJet 186 July 5 Vancouver Edmonton n/a
Air Canada 8421 July 6 Kelowna Vancouver n/a
Air Canada 311 July 8 Monreal Vancouver n/a
Air Canada 111 July 13 Toronto Vancouver n/a
Air Canada 8073 July 13 Vancouver Victoria n/a
Air Canada 112 July 13 Vancouver Toronto 27 to 33

International flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases

The Government of Canada has also added another international flight that has had exposure to the virus.

On July 14, an infected passenger flew on Air Canada flight number AC561 from San Francisco to Vancouver.

It’s unclear where exactly the infected person sat on the plane. This marks the third affected international flight arriving in Vancouver this month.

Airline Flight Number Date Origin Destination Affected Seats
American Airlines 1270 July 6 Dallas Vancouver Unknown
United Airlines 375 July 7 San Fransisco Vancouver 19 to 25
Air Canada  651 July 14 San Francisco Vancouver Unknown

As per the federal government, if you think you might have coronavirus, use the self-assessment tool to find out what to do. And always follow the recommendations of your local public health authority.

“We recommend that flight passengers self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days following the flight,” the BC CDC said previously.

The announcement of the new cases comes after Air Canada published an open letter asking that blanket restrictions and quarantines be replaced with “more proportionate” restrictions to control the spread of the virus, ultimately resulting in a “measured restart of aviation.”

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