Tiny BC town ranked among best WFH cities in North America (PHOTOS)

Mar 29 2022, 11:56 pm

A quaint little town near Victoria, BC, has been named one of the best work-from-home (WFH) cities in North America by a recent study.

Colwood ranked fifth in Canada for WFH cities ā€” pretty impressive, considering its small size.

Itā€™s the only place in the whole province that earned a spot on the list, and it’s getting attention at the right time. According to a recent poll, 96% of Canadians already working from home want to keep doing so in some capacity, which might tempt them to move someplace more affordable.

There are a few traits that make for a strong work-from-home city, and Colwood has them all: big and reasonably-priced houses, fast and cheap internet, and easy access to both urban and natural areas.Ā 

Colwood best places to work from home BC

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Colwood’s neighbouring suburb, Langford, is also promising.

Theyā€™re about nine kilometres away from Victoria, the nearest major city.

ā€œStretch your legs at Hatley Parkā€™s Japanese gardens or take a long walk through a bird sanctuary along a vast lagoon,ā€ the study by PCMag suggests.

For those considering a place of their own, the average price for a medium-sized house is $884,700.

Colwood best places to work from home BC beach


There are 13 coworking spaces in the area, which can be useful for anyone who doesn’t like working where they sleep or going to an office.

Even better, the internet is fast and fair in Colwood. Youā€™ll only pay a gigabit fiber price of $135 there, which should give you access to everything you need to make a living without leaving your sanctuary.

“In any discussion of working from home in Canada, housing prices must be topic number one,” the study says.

Canada-wide, Edmonton was ranked the best for people working from home.

“Edmonton is the least-expensive Canadian major city, it has gigabit fiber Internet, and it isn’t isolated, with more than 4 million people within a few hours’ drive and 36 nonstop destinations from its airport,” it says.

Moncton/Dieppe came in at second place after coming first on the list last year, and Halifax came in fourth after seeing rising housing costs.

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