10 interactive food stations you should book for your next Vancouver event

Oct 16 2019, 3:30 pm

How many times have you heard someone say: “I’ll go, but only if there’s food.”

We’re just as guilty, but let’s be real. The food at any event is most definitely the defining factor — so you need to get it right.

Cocktails & Canapés launched in 2013 and have since gained a strong reputation in Western Canada for their inventive menus, high-quality professional services, and world-class catering. You can select from a number of their interactive food stations, fit for any event that you’re holding!

After all, if the food’s beautiful and delicious, we guarantee your guests will be taking their phones out for an Instagram post all day (or night!) long. Here are ten interactive food stations that you should be booking for your next event.

Poke bar

Aloha! Poke is a fan favourite around Canada (and let’s face it, the world). Whether it’s a themed party or a corporate event, we think colourful, fresh poke bowls are the perfect option.

Flaming cotton candy

This one is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. A flaming cotton candy station is perfect if you’re wanting everyone to get their phones out for an Instagram story. Cocktails & Canapés offer two flavours of flaming cotton candy treats (Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Lemon Strawberry), which are topped with cotton candy and lit on fire, revealing the dessert.

Halifax donair stand

You can actually rent a full donair experience for your next event. Cocktails & Canapés delivers a unique off-site authentic donair stand, complete with roasting meat carved straight from the rotating spit! We’ve never heard someone say they don’t like donair, so you’re covered. Don’t worry vegetarians, there are options for you too.

Raclette station


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We have a feeling if your party gets a Raclette station, you’ll see it all over your Instagram feed the next day. If you’ve never seen one before, these stations feature wheels of Raclette cheese melted right in front of you using traditional Raclette melters.

Messy? Yes.

Delicious? Absolutely.

Taco station

It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday for you to get tacos for your event. Get tacos served to guests all day or night, using hand-made authentic corn tortillas!

Poutine station

Picture this: your wedding party closing out with every guest getting their own box of poutine (that can even be branded with your initials or logo). It’ll be the talk of the town for months to come!

Cocktails & Canapés offer several options to accommodate all types of dietary restrictions and food sensitivities. So, even your gluten-free and vegetarian guests can enjoy this ooey gooey snack.

Slider station


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Who doesn’t love sliders? They’re small, handheld, and delicious.

Cocktails & Canapés offers a great variety of different types of burgers, from classic burgers to pulled jackfruit as a vegetarian option. All sliders also come with the company’s signature house-made pickled potato chips.

Torched Temari sushi station


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This Torched Temari Sushi station features round sushi stuffed with different fillings and topped with garnishes, which are then torched using charcoal and live flame. The sushi is then served in a bamboo boat ready to eat — so fancy!

Nitrogen popcorn station

Nitrogen ice-cream is out. Nitrogen popcorn is in. This inventive concept uses negative 320-degree liquid nitrogen to freeze the popcorn, creating a fun new way to enjoy popcorn as the guests blow ‘smoke’ out of their nose and mouth with each bite.

Guests can also choose from three popcorn flavours — Rosemary Salted Caramel Corn, Double Caramel Butter Corn, and Raspberry Caramel Corn.

Smoking seafood station

Now, if you’re hoping to seriously impress your guests, get a smoking seafood station. Here’s what to expect: fresh seafood (think oysters, crab, prawn, scallop, and smoked salmon Temari rolls) sitting atop preserved moss and dry ice, smoking from below right before your eyes!

The display is a great opportunity to impress your guests, particularly if you want to display the best of BC’s seafood. The station chef uses bincho-tan, or white charcoal, a type of charcoal used in traditional Japanese cooking, to torch the items as they serve it to the guests — so it’s certainly unique.

For more information and to cater for your next event, visit CocktailsandCanapes.ca.

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