Flurry Christmas! Wet and snowy holiday weather in store for Canada

Nov 22 2022, 3:22 pm

It’s going to be a wet and white Christmas across Canada, according to the Old Farmers’ Almanac’s long-range weather forecast for the holiday season.

Weather conditions across provinces will look a little different, but you can expect lots of snow and rain all over the True North. Things will even get bitter and frigid in some areas, so make sure you’re prepared in advance.

Pick out your cutest coat and earmuffs, and let the festivities begin! Here’s what you can expect the weather to be like until the end of the year:

British Columbia

Southern BC can expect fluctuating winter weather leading up to the holidays. It’ll be a wild mix of rainy, snowy, mild, and sunny.

Coastal areas will remain sunny longer, while snow flurries will begin chilling up the inland area. Frigid cold and snow showers will hit the province on and around Christmas.

On average, the month will be -2°C throughout.

Farmer’s Almanac


Periods of rain and snow will continue until December across Southern Ontario. It’ll be hit with “bitter cold” just as the merry month begins, but things will mellow out mid-December.

On and around Christmas, residents can expect snowy weather and temperatures around -6°C, which, frankly, isn’t so bad for Ontario.

christmas weather

Farmer’s Almanac


It’s going to be a very frosty holiday season for Southern Quebec, with the snowiest periods being in late November and early-to-mid December. There’s even a snowstorm in store, followed by rain, snow showers, and mild weather in the middle of the month.

Come late December, it’ll start to get seriously chilly. Throughout the month, temperatures will fall down to an average of -8°C!

The Prairies

Winter will be colder than usual in the Prairies, with the coldest periods being mid-November through early December. The snowiest periods will be in late November, mid-and-late December, and late January.

Eastern areas will see a snowstorm between December 10 and 13. Average temperatures as low as -13°C can be expected across the month.

christmas weather

Farmer’s Almanac

Atlantic Canada

Expect below-average winter temperatures this season in Atlantic Canada. Snowfall, however, will be above normal, with late November accumulating the most snow.

Real chilly, frigid periods of rain and snow will begin in early December. Rain and snow will continue throughout the month, with average temperatures of -3°C.

Farmer’s Almanac

Yukon and Northwest Territories will see snow showers turning into bitter, frigid cold as we go into December.

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