Abbotsford Police arrest 38-year-old man on child pornography charges

Oct 18 2017, 4:01 pm

A 38-year-old Abbotsford man was arrested by Abbotsford Police and is facing multiple child pornography charges, after he was arrested this week.

The arrest comes after police officers executed a search warrant at the home of Travis Butler last month, on September 17.

During the search, police seized “numerous” computers and data storage devices.

Upon further examination of the seized items, investigators found what turned out to be thousands of images and videos that depicted child sexual abuse.

As a result, Butler has now been charged with two counts of Making Available Child Pornography and one count of Possession of Child Pornography.

Following his arrest, Butler was released under numerous court-ordered conditions.

The conditions of his release include the following:

  • Not to have contact or communicate with, or be alone with, anyone who
    reasonably appears to be under 18 years of age (unless that person is acting in
    the course of their employment in a retail or service industry setting)
  • Not to attend any public park, school, daycare center, swimming pool,
    playground, skating rink, community centre or recreational center where persons
    under the age of 18 are present or might reasonably be expected to be present
  • Not to engage in computer activity that involves contact with any person under the
    age of 18
  • Not to possess or utilize any electronic device capable to accessing the internet
  • Not to possess or utilize any encryption software or any form of file erasing utility
  • Not to contact any person known to be involved in the sexual exploitation of
    children or possessing child sexual exploitation materials

The investigation into Butler’s activities began in 2016 and involved both Canadian and US Law Enforcement.

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